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14ga Surgical Steel Nipple Clicker

14g Stainless Steel Nipple Jewelry with Interlaced Beads or Teardrops and Crystal Jewel Designs 
Add a delicate Nipple Clicker to your collection of nipple jewelry. These 14g nipple rings have a 14mm wearable length with a 15.6mm inside large diameter (width) and a 10.6mm inside small diameter (height/drop); The jewelry is manufactured from polished implant grade stainless steel and features several different design patterns with or with out  jewels. The piece has a clicker mechanism with a hinge closure, allowing for easy insertion and removal of the jewelry.  SOLD PRICE PER ONE CLICKER

Material: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel   Gauge: 14g (~1.6mm)   Wearable Length: 14mm (9/16″)

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