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Anti-Eyebrow Piercing: An Elegant, Edgy Beauty

What is an anti-eyebrow Piercing?

An anti-eyebrow piercing is exactly what its name implies – the opposite of an eyebrow piercing. These surface piercings are done under the eye orbit and above or along the cheek bone. Imagine if your eyebrows circled your eye like eye lashes do. This piercing goes where the lower eyebrow would be. Sometimes called a butterfly kiss, tears or teardrops, the anti-eyebrow piercing draws attention to the eye and cheeks. It is perfect if you want people to notice your beautiful eyes or high cheek bones.

An anti-eyebrow piercing will draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

Great for men and women

Even though anti-eyebrow piercing is relatively new to the United States, it is already a growing trend among piercing fans. I’ve heard a female client describe her butterfly kiss piercing as “feminine but still edgy.” I’ve had men come into my shop for an anti-eyebrow piercing to make their eyes or face more striking without resorting to blush or eye liner. With the right jewelry, this piercing is just as masculine as any other.

Surface Bars vs Curved Bells

Since the anti-eyebrow piercing is relatively new to the US, there are a lot of misunderstandings about it. It is not the same as an eyebrow piercing, snakebites or other facial piercings. This unconventional piercing uses a surface bar and is usually placed below the orbit of the eye and above the upper bone of the cheek. The piercing can be horizontal or vertical depending on the preference of the person.

Teardrop piercings are a surface piercing, not a standard piercing. A standard piercing goes through the skin. Picture the common pierced ear. The piercing implement penetrates the skin and comes out the other side. A surface piercing penetrates the skin and passes under the skin emerging on the same epidermal plane as the

Most surface bars will have the above design, some will have a flatter base. Your piercer should know the appropriate jewelry, but for this piercing, never use the curved, rounded barbell. Disk-shaped tips may speed healing or be more comfortable.

implement entered the skin. A surface bar should be used for ALL teardrop/anti-eyebrow piercings. It is a “U” shaped or “staple” shaped surgical steel bar. The bar part will lay flat against the skin while the prong parts point straight out. The flat bar will not put pressure on the entrance and exit holes as a curved piece of jewelry will. That pressure is part of what causes the body to view the jewelry as foreign object and to reject it.

Another important difference between a standard piercing and surface piercing is healing time. Surface piercings can take up to a year to fully heal depending on care and physiology. That said, the beauty and elegance of the butterfly kiss piercing makes it all worth it.

But I’ve heard they don’t last!

The piercing will catch her attention, your striking eyes will keep it.

Many people hesitate to get an anti-eyebrow piercing because they have heard that surface piercings are temporary. Surface piercings are long-term piercings, that can last for several years. Many factors contribute to the duration of your teardrop piercing, including the skin itself. Some bodies are more accommodating to non-organic body modifications than others. Care is another important factor. If you need clear, easy to follow tips on caring for your new piercing, visit my website and read the aftercare instructions. The most important factor is the skill of your piercing professional. As with any piercing, make sure that you’re trusting your most important feature – your face – to someone that has the expertise to do it correctly, and well.

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