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Can Daith Piercings stop Migraine headaches?

Daith Piercings & Migraines

Achieve health and beauty at the same time with a well done Daith piercing.

Greetings Happy Dave here, I am a Professional Career Piercer based at Ink Spot Tattoo in Melrose Park IL. I am a full service, schooled, full time Piercer with nineteen years experience. Piercing is my true passion and love. I have always been an advocate for public awareness and piercing education. I have performed over 18,000 piercings in the last nineteen years but only until January of 2016 was I asked if a Daith piercing can cure Migraine headaches. The honest answer was, I don’t know! Because I care passionately about anything relating to piercing I wanted to find out. I am not a medical professional so any information presented here should NOT be taken as medical advice.  Migraine Pal asked medical professionals and acupuncturists and came up with some interesting information.

A Daith piercing is one of the most difficult ear piercings. Be sure to go to a skilled professional like Happy Dave.

My Daith Piercing experiences

I told the first woman that came in to try it and see if it helps. If not, then at least she would have a cool piercing. So that is what we did. I put an 18 gauge 5/16 hoop in her left Daith. I also asked her to call me in a month and let me know if the piercing relieved the headaches. Her name was Leslie she came back in February and said for the first time in thirty years her headaches were gone on the left side of her head but that they had now moved to the right. She had me do the right side Daith and messaged me in May stating that she hasn’t had a Migraine headache since I did the second one in February. I have performed 10 more Daith piercings in 2016 to help relieve headache pain. All of them have been women from the ages of 17 to 50. The 17 year old suffered a head trauma and developed a continuous headache. Her mother contacted me 3 weeks after I pierced her stating that her daughters headache had gone. 6 of the other 9 women I pierced have all reported their headaches have subsided. One women says her headaches are becoming less and less and is considering doing her left side Daith. 3 of the women haven’t gotten back to me yet.

Daith piercing Migraine relief investigation

I have done some personal investigating on the nerves of the face. It seems as though when the Auricular branch of the vagus nerve is pierced that interrupts what is causing the headaches. Stephanie one of my clients told me she heard that a rear Helix piercing may relieve headaches as well. When I looked into that I discovered that the Great auricular nerve runs up the length of the rear Helix (the back rim of the ear). Even though I am not a medical professional I care about piercing and doing what I can to make life better for people, so that is why I am sharing my personal experience with you . All of MY results with the Daith headache remedy have been positive, keep in mind though, this is not a proven medical procedure. Even though there is some medical evidence that suggests the Daith Piericing may help relieve Migraine headaches it is still just a body piercing. On that note: Daith Piercings take a certain level of skill to perform and should only be performed by a full time professionally trained body piercer so you don’t end up with MORE OF A HEADACHE. For more information Professional body piercing go to :

Migraine Pal conducted research on 380 migraine sufferers who tried Daith piercings. There results were impressive.
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