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Myth vs Fact

MYTH : All Body Piercers are licensed by the state of Illinois.

FACT : Illinois does not currently require piercers to be licensed.

In fact, there are no training requirements for piercers in Illinois. Therefore, it is up to the buyer to beware. When picking a piercer be ready to ask a lot of questions. Ask about where they were trained and by whom. Ask where they severed their apprenticeship. Ask question about the types of jewelry they use. Does your piercer have a selection of pieces that meet ASTM/ISO standards? How does he or she approach questions of thickness, style and angle?


MYTH : If the package says “surgical steel”, it is safe to implant in the body.

FACT : There is a difference between ordinary surgical steel and implant grade surgical steel.

The Association of Professional Piercers recommends using only 316L Implant Grade Surgical Steel and titanium body jewelry that meets ASTM or ISO standards for surgical implants. The most common is 316L (ASTM type F-138) implant grade surgical steel. Titanium 6AI-4V-Eli (ASTM F-136) is also popular. You can ask to see the ASTM certificate before you buy a piece of jewelry. Certification is important because some jewelry contains lead or other elements harmful to the human body.


MYTH : Piercings with a gun hurt less than piercings with a needle.

FACT : Ear piercing guns hurt MORE than a properly done needle piercing.

Ear piercing guns, which are ONLY for ear lobes, ram a solid spike through the ear’s tender tissue. A hollow TRI-beveled needle gently separates the tissue causing less trauma and discomfort.


MYTH : Soaking your jewelry in rubbing alcohol will sterilize it.

FACT : There is a difference between clean, disinfected and sterilized.

A clean piece of jewelry is free of visible dirt or debris. To disinfected soak it in Lysol for 10 to purge all microorganisms. To truly sterilize an item one must KILL every microorganism. First disinfect your jewelry and then place it in an air tight container and exposing it to heat and pressure. These methods could damage acrylic and organic body jewelry, however. Ask your piercer about proper care of acrylic and organic jewelry.

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